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It is my pleasure to serve as advocate and champion for all students. Co-curricular opportunities are essential paths to learning about self, gaining critical support when needed, and all the while illustrating the UC Irvine values which make our campus the respectful, intellectually exciting and fun place it is. 

My Student Affairs colleagues and I want these experiences outside of the classroom to be inspirational, supportive and connected in meaningful ways to the big dreams that students envision for their intellectual, professional and personal development now and in the future. We also want students to understand how much their engagement – whether through clubs, government and leadership, events or a host of other opportunities – strengthens who we are as an academic community. 

Student Affairs works to create the very best environment for all Anteaters to fulfill a legacy of promise and possibilities. Students, you have an open invitation to visit me during the Conversation Hours I have throughout the year. I am looking forward to meeting you. 

Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs 

Vice Chancellor Parham

Office Hours

Students are invited to visit with Vice Chancellor Parham to share an idea, say hello or discuss a concern.
No appointment necessary.


Office & Conversation Hours
405 Aldrich Hall


Office & Conversation Hours have concluded for Fall Quarter. Winter Quarter hours will be posted as soon as they become available.


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With Suzie Peltason & Jean Aldrich
Vice Chancellor Parham greets Suzie Peltason and Jean Aldrich during Founders Night at the New Swan Theatre.
2016 Dodgeball World Record attempt
Vice Chancellor Parham and Assistant Vice Chancellor Barney Ellis-Perry rev up the crowd before the 2016 Guinness World Records® Attempt at breaking the record for largest game of 4-team Dodgeball.
New Narratives program series
<a href="" target="new">Vice Chancellor Parham shared the stage with COMMON, Grammy Award-winning recording artist, author, actor and philanthropist, during <i>Common Conversations</i>, part of the New Narratives program series.</a>
Commencement 2014
Vice Chancellor Parham greets President Barack Obama, the featured speaker at UC Irvine's 2014 Commencement ceremony.
Achieve UC
Vice Chancellor Parham speaks to students at Manuel Dominguez High School in Compton as part of systemwide Achieve UC event.