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As the interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs, it is my role – along with my Student Affairs colleaguesto advocate and champion the growth of students. We support the whole student by making sure that their life outside of the classroom complements their academic endeavors. This means providing enriching opportunities that affirm their experiences. 

Our efforts are guided by student learning outcomes within the following domains:


  • Civic & Community Engagement

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity & Global Consciousness

  • Professional & Administrative Skills

  • Personal Responsibility


Every student who engages in one of our programs is expected to increase their personal knowledge, develop a new skill, or learn something new about themselves. We also want students to understand how much their engagement – whether through clubs, government and leadership, events or a host of other opportunities – not only helps them to grow but strengthens who we are as a community. 

The UCI campus is an exciting and dynamic place where students will engage in experiences that will be inspirational, life changing, and may also challenge their current thinking. Students, you have an open invitation to visit me during the Conversation Hours I have throughout the year. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about your experiences. 

Edgar J. Dormitorio
Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs 

Interim Vice Chancellor Dormitorio

Conversation Hours

Students are invited to visit with Interim Vice Chancellor Dormitorio to share an idea, say hello or discuss a concern.
No appointment necessary. Conversation hours will be held on location at the centers listed below.


Conversation Hours
Fall Quarter 2018


Week 5
Tuesday   Oct 30   3:30-5 p.m.
Womxn’s Hub (W-Hub), in the Cross-Cultural Center
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Week 7 
Tuesday   Nov 13   3:30-5 p.m.
Center for Black Cultures, Resources & Research in the Student Center
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Week 10 – 
Thursday   Dec 6   3:30-5 p.m.
DREAM Center, in the Anteater Community Resource Center @ Lot 5
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