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New Narratives: Conversations on Identities & Cultures

New Narratives: Conversations on Race & Culture


The New Narrative series aims to recognize the multiple current and historical connections that co-exist to shape, intersect and influence UC Irvine community members and their group identities. The series also aims to promote healthy intergroup communications, interaction, understanding, appreciation and acceptance while moving talk into action, through an interactive launch forum and yearlong events that include films, panel workshops and other student training opportunities.

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Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Women's Empowerment Initiative


This initiative is dedicated to the empowerment of the next generation of women leaders across the spectrum of activities in global society where they can increase their scope of influence, make distinctive contributions and take control over those factors within their realm of influence.


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Living Peace Series

Living Peace Series


Conversations with international leaders committed to making the world a healthy, sustainable and compassionate place.


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Free Speech, Academic Freedom and Civility


The exercise and protection of freedom of speech and expression are at the core of the university’s mission of teaching, research and public service. UC Irvine actively attempts to engage the community to promote and model civil and respectful dialogue on campus. 


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Cyber Ink

Cyber Ink