In Search of Our Humanity: Finding Common Ground
In the Midst of Political Divisiveness

January 19, 2017 • 5 PM
Pacific Ballroom D, UCI Student Center

In times of political divisiveness, what can we do collectively and as individuals to learn about our differences and discover commonalities?

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This program is a unique opportunity for Anteaters to come together to explore perspectives, share concerns, engage in respectful dialogue, find common purpose and commit to being on a journey together to build our future.

Join the conversations to learn with and from others in a small group setting.

Topics will include: Anti-Blackness & White Supremacy • Anti-Semitism • Climate Change • Electoral College & Voting Rights • Executive Power • Free Speech on Campus • Gun Control & 2nd Amendment Rights • Health Care • Food Security • Homophobia & LGBTQ Rights • Islamophobia • Mysogyny & Womxn’s Rights • Homelessness • Protected Categories in CA State Law • Reproductive Rights • The Role of Media in the Election • The U.S. Role in International Crises • Transphobia & Transgender Rights • U.S. Immigration Policy • Water Rights
and more.

Refreshments provided