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UCI Student Affairs Employees of the Year

2020-21 Student Affairs Innovation Award

2020-21 Student Affairs Excellence in Collaboration Award

2020-21 Student Affairs Social Justice Award

2020-21 Student Affairs Distinguished Service Award

2020-21 Student Affairs Unsung Hero Award

2020-21 Student Affairs Employee of the Year


About the Program

The Student Affairs Employee of the Month program will recognize contributions of staff employees from each cluster in the Division of Student Affairs.

Employees are nominated by their colleagues and reviewed by campus partners outside of the Division of Student Affairs.


Currently employed staff.

Student staff, temporary staff, or third party staff are not eligible.


Staff who are recognized as employees of the month will be highlighted in our quarterly newsletter and will be eligible for Staff of the Year. All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition. There is no financial compensation connected to this award.

For questions please contact Alexandra Murillo.

Criteria for Nomination & Selection

A scoring model will be used by the Employee of the Month Selection Committee based upon the following criteria. However, an employee need not meet all these requirements to receive the award. In order for the committee to fully evaluate the nominated employee’s attributes and/or achievements, it is important that specific examples are cited in the letters of recommendation.

When a staff member, office or group that has generated one or more creative and sustainable programs or initiatives within the last month to forward the Student Affairs Division mission.

Excellence in Collaboration
When a staff member, office or group that has successfully partnered with colleagues from the Student Affairs Division or UCI community during the past month to create programming, activities and initiatives that enrich the UCI student experience.

Social Justice
When a SA staff member, unit or group who has engaged in activities and programming that promotes a UCI community that is equitable, inclusive and meets the needs of all members of the community.

Distinguished Service
When a SA staff member, unit or group that demonstrates excellence in leadership, service, development, mentoring or long-term service to the UCI community.

Unsung Hero Award
When a SA staff member who works consistently and performs their responsibilities in a manner that enhances the work environment of the greater Student Affairs Division.