UROP Special Call Awards




In fall 2013 a unique opportunity was issued to participate in UROP’s Special Call for Proposals. Students were invited to submit individual or group proposals involving faculty-mentored research or creative projects.


Following are the students, proposals and mentors who received awards.


Anika Akhter

Gender Differences in Coping Strategies Among Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Mentors: Tim-Allen Bruckner


Alina Chor, Edward Gutierrez

Gender Differences and Stress Appraisals in UCI Undergraduate Students

Mentors: Daniel Stokols


Sabrina Gill

Effect of Unionization on Wage Gap

Mentors: Samuel Gilmore, Judith Stepan-Norris


Kristen Goh

Diabetes Risk Assessment of the UC Irvine Campus Population

Mentor: Zuzana Bic


Audrey Goodman, Katie Reed, Andra Whipple

Researching Career Success for Women in Comedy

Mentor: Joel Veenstra


Eric Henson, Michelle Maasz, James Meier, Megan Mizuno, Christopher Price, Melina Singh, Donald Wong

MIX Melting Pot Festival

Mentor: Molly Lynch


Lorena Hernandez, Paula Hervias-Cardona

American Women’s Goal Selection and Motivation

Mentor: Jutta Heckhausen


Hye Jung Jeong

Motivational and Maintenance Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Among Female Children and Family Social Workers

Mentor: Jeanett Castellanos


Amy Lee

Differential Analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide Synthesis in Healthy and Preeclamptic Human Placentas

Mentor: Dongbao Chen


Kaitlin Madary, Hillary Russ, Chloe Segismundo

Enhancing Health Literacy in Underserved Women Through Access to Their Medical Records: MOMS Orange County

Mentors: Yuqing Guo, Ellen Olshansky, Julie Rousseau


Gabriela Manzo

The Association of Family Interdependence and Intergenerational Conflict with Academic Performance in Ethnic Minority College Women

Mentor: Belinda Campos


Anna Mills

Methods of Argumentation in United States Supreme Court Opinions: The Equal Protection Clause and Women

Mentor: Mark Petracca


Wade Monsen

Modeling the Effect of Storm Water Control Measures on Little Stringybark Creek

Mentor: Brett Sanders


Suzana Poghosyan

Roadmap to Armenian Feminism

Mentor: William Roberts


Fahiya Rashid

Women’s Involvement in Politics in Jordan

Mentor: Bojan Petrovic


Sasha Sabherwal

Oriental Feminism And Crimes Against Women: A Discourse Analysis of Predominant Representations of Rape in India

Mentor: Caesar Sereseres


Neetu Singh

Social Behaviors of Non-White Female Adolescents

Mentor: Caesar Sereseres


Diana Sun, Jake Young

Medical Competency of Physicians Excluded from Federal Health Care Programs

Mentor:Paul Jesilow


Christine Wang

Do Social Networking Sites Affect the Disposition of Asian American Females in College?

Mentor: Joanne Christopherson


Ching-Wen Yang

Perceptions and Attitudes of Young Adult Asian/Asian-Americans Towards Egg Donation

Mentor: Jun Wu