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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to upload my photo online if I’m a returning student?

A: If you already have an existing ID Photo or or an existing Campus ID Card, you are not required to upload a new photo to get a printed ID Card.


Q: How do I know if I have an existing photo?

A: If you have previously obtained a printed Campus ID Card, you have an existing photo in the system. If you are a new student starting 2020 and not sure if you have uploaded a photo in the past, simply log onto to check if your previously uploaded photo exists.


Q: How do I pick up my Campus ID Card?

A:You can obtain your Campus ID Card after your ID Photo is approved. ID Pick-ups can be made at the campus bookstore, The Hill. Appointments are no longer required.


Q: If I submitted a photo last year but never picked up my ID card, will I have to submit a new photo?

A: No, ID Cards are not printed until you arrive on-campus.


Q: Can I change how my name is displayed on the Campus ID Card?

A: We only print First/Preferred Names and Last Names provided by the registrar. If you’d like to edit your name, please visit this link to update your preferred name:


Q: I’m living on campus, and I didn’t get a card at move-in. What do I do?

A: Please pick up your ID card from The Hill. If you did not have a photo approved in time, you may have your photo taken in-person.


Q: I need my ID Card for the dining halls and I don’t have one. What do I do?

A: You can still use your meal plans in the dining halls. Please tell the dining hall staff your ID number and name when you arrive. You may need to bring some alternate form of ID for verification of your name and meal plan.


Q: I will not be coming to campus this Fall Quarter. Do I still need to upload an ID photo?

A:  A physical Campus ID Card is only required for in-person activities so you do not need to pick one up until you are ready to come to campus.
However, a valid photo ID is required for remote and online systems starting in Fall Quarter, so please take the time to upload your photo to the system before the deadline.


Q: Are you going to mail out Campus ID Cards?

A:  No, we are not mailing Campus ID Cards. A physical Campus ID Card is only required for in-person activities so you do not need to pick one up until you are ready to come to campus.


Q: I’m attending classes remotely, but I need an ID card to prove my status as a student. Can I get an ID mailed to me then? What do I do?

A: We cannot print ID cards until an appointment is made to pick up the ID card in-person. However, the Registrar’s office can provide official verification of your enrollment or student status:


Q:  I already have an ID Card/I lost my ID Card. How do I obtain a new one?

A:  Please go to The Hill to get a replacement ID printed. You do not need to upload a new photo if you have an existing photo in the system.

Please note: There is a $20.00 fee for all replacement ID Cards that must be paid at The Hill before picking up your replacement ID Card. 


Q: My Photo ID upload link expired. Where do I go to upload my photo?

A: You can always visit this website to upload your ID photo:


Q: What qualifies as a supporting document?

A: Supporting documents must include a recent photo of yourself and your full legal name. Any of the following pieces of government-issued identification are acceptable:

  • Passport photo page / Passport Card
  • Driver License
  • State issued identification card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Trusted Traveler Card
  • US Armed Services identification card

If you do not possess any of these documents, a recent School Photo ID such as a High School Photo ID as a supporting document is also acceptable.


Q: Can I email my new photo and government-issued ID after my photo’s been denied? 

A: We cannot take submissions over email. Please log onto to upload your new photo and government-issued ID for review again.


Q: How do I get my photo approved quickly?

A: Tips for getting your photo approved:

  • Take your photo in front of a blank wall in brightly lit area. Make sure the background is a light neutral color such as white, beige or light grey.
  • Avoid spotlights or direct lighting that will create harsh shadows.
  • Make sure your head and body is facing the camera.
  • Look directly into the camera and avoid downward or upward angles.


Q: I’m a new Staff or Faculty Member. Can I still get a UCI Staff/Faculty ID Card?

A: Staff and Faculty members are not able to use the online photo upload system. Please visit The Hill at anytime during store hours. Appointments are no longer needed.


Q: How do I contact the Card Office?

A: Please email Campus Card Services at