The Division of Student Affairs (Student Affairs) supports the academic mission at UC Irvine. Our work in the areas of Auxiliary Services and Resource Planning, Enrollment Services, Student Life & Leadership, and Wellness, Health & Counseling Services prepares students towards identity development to know self, to interact positively with others, and to promote justice-based change in the world.

This document represents a guiding framework for our future activities. The Student Affairs Strategic Planning Team volunteers used the opportunity presented by the UCI 2016 Strategic Plan to reflect on and to define specific paths forward for learning and engagement on campus.

Student Affairs advances campus priorities from outreach to alumni participation. Our comprehensive programs and services promote learning, foster student leadership, enhance the quality of student life, and support the general welfare of the campus community.

Several key values drive our work. They include valuing:

•  Compassion and the capacity to care about others

•  Holistic Learning and the knowledge from connections made across all educational experiences

•  Integrity and following high moral standards

•  Inclusion and the actions taken to involve all stakeholders

•  Empowerment and the process of fully developing one's abilities

UCI Student Affairs is part of a globally-recognized and growing campus. We envision creating a campus environment that can efficiently scale in size and proportion to meet our rapidly growing community while providing a safe, secure and welcoming space for all individuals. We recognize that students are unique with their own hopes, dreams and aspirations. We believe every moment is a teachable moment. We employ holistic approaches to ensure that students have paths to attain their individual aspirations while at UCI and throughout their lifetimes.

This vision will drive the following goals and strategies:

Goal: Creating healthy communities and wellness-minded individuals

Recognizing that we share common goals at UCI to support health and wellness for its members, we also seek to serve the diverse needs of students, staff, faculty and all members on campus. This includes creating a place for all to find support, self-awareness and opportunities for engagement.

Goal: Encouraging lifelong learning

We aim for students and professionals to continually nurture their talents, skills and abilities. In particular, we seek to enhance growth across student affairs learning domains in civic engagement, leadership, diversity, professional skill development and personal responsibility.

Goal: Fostering social justice

As a division, we create the offerings and experiences to prepare students to understand social issues. We aim to enhance critical thinking about the tools and solutions that will create positive social change and equity in society.

Goal: Collaborating through strategic partnerships

Internally, our professionals build partnerships and constructively allocate resources to best serve the needs of all students. This is accomplished by reducing redundancies, prioritizing resources, scaling intelligently and continually assessing the changing and future needs of students.

Externally, we foster partnerships for the benefit of the campus community and beyond.

Goal: Preparing our students to be career and life ready

We prepare students to successfully transition into the workplace and to navigate life challenges with confidence and professionalism. We provide education and opportunities that help students to develop resiliency as well as leadership, communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills. We raise awareness about professional competencies and how to attain, demonstrate and articulate them.

Goal: Preparing students to be leaders in a global society

We aim for students to make a difference in society. We provide experiences in which students can cultivate their leadership talents, raise consciousness of self and others and act with congruence, integrity and compassion.

Student Affairs Strategic Planning Team

Dan Dooros (Chair)
Office of the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Elizabeth Bennett
University Registrar

Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth
Office of the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Kim Burdett
Campus Village Student Housing

Britany Cashatt
LGBT Resource Center

Shannon Hartmeister
Office of the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Suzanne Helbig
Career Center

Lori Palmerton
Disability Services Center

Rameen Talesh
Student Life & Leadership

Stephanie van Ginkel
Student Government & Student Media

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