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Important Messages Log

November 9, 2016
Message from Vice Chancellor Parham

Election Response from Vice Chancellor Parham

Dear Anteaters,

Like many of you, I am struck by this historic moment – both as a campus and a nation – what a particular selection really means to individual citizens and their community.

The duality of the circumstance in which we find ourselves is that some members of our community will find the results distressing if not traumatizing. Clearly, there is anxiety, anger, confusion, disappointment, fear, and apprehension gripping our campus, particularly among our most vulnerable student populations. We want to acknowledge this and offer our campus resources to those who need support, a listening ear, and practical advice in navigating these uncertain times.

Conversely, other members of our Anteater family will want to celebrate the outcome and the opportunity this election presents to move particular agendas forward. We also want to acknowledge their feelings of joy, delight, relief, gratitude, and even surprise at the outcomes we have all realized as a nation. They too will need safe spaces to express their thoughts and feelings, and experience the moment in individual and collective ways.

As the new administration moves from campaigning to governing, there will be deliberate and intentional efforts to help a divided nation heal. In recognizing this, I want to appeal to the brighter side of our humanity where each of us individually and as a campus community contribute to our collective health and healing. Despite ideological differences, let me encourage all of us to listen to our peers, colleagues, friends and family, empathize with their particular circumstance or situation, and find ways to support each other. In doing so, we not only embrace the best of ourselves, but also help us move closer to realizing a more functional democracy poised to represent the future of this nation.

Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs