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Important Messages Log

March 20, 2018
Message from Vice Chancellor Parham

Response Update

It has been several days since we were made aware of the situation involving student Tamera Thompson, and we feel it is important to maintain communication with everyone given our concern for the welfare of one of our students. As mentioned in earlier messages, we are limited on what we can share since this is an active police investigation. The campus has been working closely with the family and has offered support and accommodations. Tamera and her family continue to be the focus of our efforts.

We also want to take the opportunity to reiterate our position on these allegations on social media. The UCI campus treats issues of harassment, bullying, sexual assault, or racial bias very seriously, and we expect members of our campus community to uphold the values we embrace. Students who violate our policies on harassment, physically endanger another community member, or threaten others will be subject to our disciplinary procedures and possible criminal prosecution. We do not equivocate on these matters.

We understand that many of our students might also have a strong emotional response to the allegations. We want to remind them that resources such as the UCI Counseling CenterCARE Office, and the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity are available during finals week and Spring Break. To find out more information on their services and hours of operation you can visit their websites.

UCI Counseling Center –

CARE Office –

Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity –

Finally, we caution all who have interest in this situation to be careful about assuming social media is the best source of information regarding this circumstance. Our interventions must and will be driven by the facts as they are revealed to us via proper investigative channels. We thank you for your patience and concern.